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Pet Nanny Ltd

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Total cost per day (inclusive of agency fee) wef 1.1.2017

Small dog                                                £24

Medium dog                                            £25

Large dog                                                £27

Puppy (under 12 months)                    £29

Each additional dog                               As above less £5

Public holidays are charged at 1.5 times usual rates.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Switch.

Please note, bookings cannot be confirmed until the agency fee and signed booking form are received.


Total cost per day (inclusive of agency fee)

One visit per day                                    £10

Two visits per day                                  £15

Public holidays are charged at twice usual rate.

A visit is about 10/15 minutes.

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Switch.

Bookings cannot be confirmed until the agency fee and signed booking form are received.


Terms and Conditions for Pet Nanny Ltd

Please read carefully:

The Client means the pet owner.

The Company refers to Pet Nanny Ltd.

1. The commencement of any services offered by the Company means that these terms have been read, understood and accepted by the client.

2. The Client must give to the Company, and keep it updated with, full and up to date information as to the nature, health, needs and requirements of their pet/s. All vaccinations of the pet/s must be up to date and the pet/s must be in good health, free from fleas and adequately wormed at the commencement of any services.

3.  Cancellation Policy:  If the client cancels the booking within 14 days of the start of the booking they must pay 25% of the due payment to the carer, 7 days incurs 50% of the payment and for 24 hours full payment is due.

4.  The Client is liable for any costs, claims or other liabilities which may be incurred, either veterinary or other, as a result of any sickness of, or accident, damage or injury caused to or by their pet/s.  Any such costs must be paid immediately upon demand.  The Client is responsible for the actions of their pet/s at all times and must ensure that they are appropriately insured for such actions.

5.  The Company acts only as an agent and is not liable or responsible for any accidents, damage or injury to or by pets whether caused by the act or omission of a third party or a pet sitter or otherwise.

6.  The Company may make any decisions regarding the health of the Client's pet/s, providing it is acting in the best interest of the pet/s and is on the advice of a qualified veterinary practitioner.

7.  Whilst the Company carries out its own vetting procedure and is satisfied as to the reliability and trustworthiness of pet sitters, the Company does not accept responsibility for acts or omissions resulting in loss, damage or injury caused by or contributed to by the pet sitters.

8.  Should a pet demonstrate aggressive behaviour, or if it becomes uncontrollable or a nuisance beyond a reasonable level, the Client agrees that the pet will be placed elsewhere until the Client returns.  If if is deemed necessary by the Company, the pet may be put into a traditional boarding establishment with the costs the liability of the Client.

9.  Pet sitters, introduced to them by the Company, are self-employed and not employees of the Company.

10.  Once registered witht the Company, the Client will not solicit the services of any of the Company's pet sitters, directly or indirectly, so as to deprive the Company of its agency fee.

11.  Due to the unpredictability of dogs, the Company does not accept any responsibility whilst a dog is off the lead.

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